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TLP Ventures, LLC


Serving Williamson County for 20+ Years. Our name, 3TLP, represents the "Third Little Pig." It is derived from the story of the Three Little Pigs in which 3 pigs venture out to start life on their own, including building their own homes. The first two pigs built their homes out of straw and sticks, which were easily blown down by the big bad wolf.  The third pig built his home out of sturdy brick that was able to survive the wolf's attempts to knock it down. Our company is named after the third pig because we pride ourselves on building solid, enduring, quality-built homes that will last.


We apply this same strategy to remodels and additions. Not only are our projects built to last, they are built to fit the latest trends, technologies and your personal style. We have experience in projects ranging from 100 square foot bathrooms to 7,000+ square foot homes...all with beautiful results.


Our prices are competitive, without sacrificing quality work. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to earning your business. Dream. Build. Live. 




Since the early 1990's Wayne has been serving Middle Tennessee both professionally and personally. 

Together, Wayne and his wife Angela have built TLP Ventures, LLC and Thurmon's Flooring into 2 of the most well respected and dependable home improvement companies in Williamson County. They've helped hundreds of home owners update, remodel, and build beautiful living spaces.

Wayne and Angela are also active in the community serving local youth sports and faith-based volunteer efforts.

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